Saturday, October 3, 2009

just getting in a rhythm

like a slow train,
like a saturating rain,
like a dull pulsing pain,
beneath the skin, and deep in the veins,
just enough to know its there, but barely beyond.

poised with a heavy pen,
what I want for myself and where I've been,
leaking a moment or two before the sun's down,
simple and profound,
beyond the gates in an outlying town,
to prove nothing bu
what will not lie when the body sleeps
all that won't find it's way into the pillows' deep,

the greatest fears and dreams,
in the 'half-minds' and 'almost theres' while the shadows creep...

these parts seem never too rest.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the sidewalks are covered in crap,

maybe this happens every year,
all the neighborhood folks let mother nature's lovely white winter coat
be an excuse not to bend over and scoop it up,
i get it's cold...

but seriously, those sidewalks are covered!

maybe i have just started to notice because we got a dog,
but if not, this is crazy...
absolutely everyone has become completely lazy all at once.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

16th street: Denver, CO 
fancy lights for the holidays, 
whipping wind to dry my face,
we better find a way,
damned if we do, 
damned if we don't...
but i couldn't live without you.

washboard roads: Oregon
some got high, 
i played cards with the rest,
200 dollars to break an edge i didn't have,
'no thanks'
I'm not that cheap...
i only thought of you.

stone henge: England
'we are the road crew!'
josef was the coldest sweetheart i (still) have ever met,
if i remember correctly;
i had moments in denim head to toe,
just like i intentionally moved to rhode island! - 
i can't thank you enough for following.

the jasper pass: British Columbia
my birthday: 23
the trailer you bought us on loan lost its wheel,
we drove on the rim to a stop and slept the night through,
it took awhile, but we made it through to Vancouver...
nights like that made me sure you and i could too.

clear blue sky: Old Wethersfield, CT
after all the mile markers, 
all the dreams come true and gone,
one i can stay by 'til my life is done,...
some days i forget how far we've come.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

if i could touch the face of the gods, i would trade my ear

why so safe clawless 'tiger?'
prancing to make the place a few bucks before the dance party opens at 10,
don't get me wrong:
you belong, you build, and sure as hell you deserve this.

i thank god we have had our time...
i thank god for kids like you.

just know:
they will lie to you, they will sell you like the shirts you buy 25 dollars a pop.
too much for too little,
and when you scream at the wall, we all see what sticks...
soon you will too...
...and you may not be too happy with what's hanging.

so when your 'hooks' don't hold the ears any longer,
and ska is back in style,
you will only find peace in knowing every bit of you was in front of everyone you passed...
...and that they may never understand,
and furthermore, that no words will wrap around those nights spent ghost...
city after city.

like when we set up our gear on the hoover dam just to be pushed along...
was it Van Gogh who was crazy or the world that is crazy?
this place will never be our home.

so when you talk about belonging,
know just what it is you belong to,
spit through that lump in your throat,
and freak out.

Friday, November 7, 2008

...ollie marcos bones...
(beware the fury thereof!)

the edge, beyond the limits, where the trains don't run,
buses make few stops,
see the pay phones, 'checks to cash, and loan,'
is there science here or just clocks, ticking atop all of us?

the nameless, papers or without,
buying poison from the same smiling few,
light heads to loosen tongues,
the remedy: 'someday' ...steady stream...

i am one of those,
once buried in the broken white lines,
asleep in the passenger seat,
lost just west of the sea, we can feel its breeze,
but what does that mean?

two colours in my head,
love or not,
love or not,
love or not,

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

the last thing i read before i die.

long live the queen!
...the king too i guess, if they are a package deal of sorts.
god bless their timid lungs...
after all, the air is thinner up with the snowbirds; halfway to the white-capped peaks.
i wonder who shovels their porch in the winter...

maybe they take turns.

maybe not.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

within arms' length

(recording - still yet-to-named project)

we've been putting in long nights these last few weeks...which for me has been a couple days on, a couple days at greg's (silver bullet) studio in burlington, ct. it is just about 10:00pm and we just got back in from what seems like lunch...much more for guitars and vocals this evening. this project has been so much learning and so much watching ideas come together in the excited about what will come from these last few weeks.

thank you grace for being unmercifully supportive, greg for making this opportunity possible...matt for inspiring moment by moment (hey bud!), mazzoli - good to be with you, josh for dinner, hanging, and saving my car-less tail, andrew for the latter as well, and dave, jon, sal, eric, and daryl for drum equipment. this has been wonderful...

pictures and more soon...